Small Business Planning

Create a market-informed and executable business plan.

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Small Business Planning

Create a market-informed and executable business plan.

What you’ll be able to do — competencies

  • Conduct a market analysis to assess the viability of a new business proposition.
  • Explain financial principles to establish foundations for success.
  • Analyze systems for operations and marketing.
  • Create a well-informed and executable business plan.

Course Description

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This course teaches you to lay the groundwork for a new business. You will conduct a market analysis to evaluate your business proposition within real market conditions. You will learn to examine business needs and develop systems for efficient operations. You will also be able to recognize foundations for financial and marketing success. These skills are used to create a market-informed and executable business plan.

This virtual hybrid (part online, part teleconferencing) course uses adaptive learning technology and other interactive methods to promote transformative learning. It has required reading, assignments, and discussions to deepen understanding of concepts.


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  • College-level reading and writing skills
  • Familiarity with budgeting

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Online — Independent

Online — Evenings

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Small Business Planning
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35 hours

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Independent, 9/29/2022 - 11/17/2022


Evenings, 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM, 8 Th - 9/29/2022 - 11/17/2022

Quarter: Fall

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Instructor: Yvonne Kaufman

Yvonne Kaufman is a marketing and sales operations professional with more than 10 years dedicated to corporate marketing, branding and strategic planning. She has been involved in B2C, B2B business developments, product launches, marketing management, digital and social media marketing, account management, and organizational and training developments.

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Hybrid class: self-paced and 8 online sessions with instructor.

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