Entrepreneurship Certificate Program

Prepares professionals to develop, market, & launch small businesses

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  • 105 hours of instruction
  • Complete within 6 months




Spring, Fall


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Entrepreneurship Certificate Program

Prepares professionals to develop, market, & launch small businesses

What you’ll be able to do – competencies

  • Describe the role of operations in running a business effectively.
  • Apply marketing principles to examine and satisfy customer needs and wants.
  • Examine a company’s financial health and ability to meet its goals.

Program description

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This accelerated certificate is composed of 3 courses. Applied Business Foundations provides an overview of the three functions of business (operations, marketing, and finance). Applied Marketing Foundations teaches the principles of satisfying customer wants and needs by capturing, communicating, and creating value for customers. Small Business Planning lays the groundwork and business plan for a new business. It prepares students to engage today’s dynamic and rapidly changing market spaces. Students will engage in several experiential learning activities to apply key principles for entrepreneurial success. By the end the third course, students will create a market-informed and executable business plan.


  • Computer skills to access learning materials via e-learning modality and learning management system (Canvas)
  • College-level writing and reading skills

By registering in this certificate program, you acknowledge that you meet the above prerequisites.

Program content

Business Foundations

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  • Describe factors affecting today’s businesses.
  • Explain options for starting and growing a business.
  • Describe methods for managing quality and competitiveness.
  • Examine human resource as a source of competitive advantage.
  • Explain the role of developing relationships as a function of marketing.
  • Explore the role of finance in meeting organizational goals.
  • Apply business concepts in meeting organizational goals.

Marketing Foundations

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  • Explain the role of marketing in business plans.
  • Describe the consumer decision process.
  • Explain the purpose of segmenting, targeting, and position in marketing.
  • Describe methods for capturing and communicating value.
  • Apply marketing principles to create value.

Business Planning

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  • Conduct a market analysis to assess the viability of a new business proposition.
  • Explain financial principles to establish foundations for success.
  • Analyze systems for operations and marketing.
  • Create a well-informed and executable business plan.

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Entrepreneurship Certificate

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Total classroom hours

105 hours

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Independent, 4/4/2023 - 9/12/2023


Evenings, 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM, 8 T - 7/25/2023 - 9/12/2023

Quarter: Spring

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Instructor: Yvonne Kaufman

Yvonne Kaufman is a marketing and sales operations professional with more than 10 years dedicated to corporate marketing, branding and strategic planning. She has been involved in B2C, B2B business developments, product launches, marketing management, digital and social media marketing, account management, and organizational and training developments.

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Applied Business Foundations and Applied Marketing Foundations are 100% independent study. Small Business Planning is virtual hybrid with independent study and instructor-led sessions.

Independent study: 4/4/2023 - 9/12/2023
Instructor-led sessions for Small Business Planning:
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM, 8 T - 7/25/2023 - 9/12/2023

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