Photoshop CC: Level 1

Explore Adobe Photoshop’s array of tools and features for editing digital and scanned photographs.

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Photoshop CC: Level 1

Explore Adobe Photoshop’s array of tools and features for editing digital and scanned photographs.

What you’ll be able to do — competencies

  • Locate and use tools and features in the Photoshop interface including the menu, tools and options bars; panels; document window; guides; rulers; and grids 
  • Utilize keyboard shortcuts to access tools and features 
  • Perform basic photo corrections in Adobe Camera Raw or Adobe Photoshop, as appropriate, including straightening, cropping, color-correcting, retouching, repairing and sharpening images 
  • Use various methods to select and isolate areas of an image, reposition the selection, move and duplicate contents of a selection, and deselect 
  • Insert, format and position type 
  • Create, organize and rearrange artwork and type on layers, and modify layers using blending modes, opacity and layer effects 
  • Create and modify a variety of mask types including layer, quick, clipping and channel masks 

Course description

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Photoshop offers an impressive array of tools for editing digital and scanned photographs, as well as for creating photorealistic images. This is an intensive, hands-on workshop. You’ll be introduced to Photoshop’s powerful capabilities, including optimizing selection techniques; retouching and restoring images; and using layers and masks to your advantage.


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  • Students should have a strong working knowledge of either the Windows or Mac operating system and should be comfortable creating and renaming files and folders, using keyboard shortcuts and navigating multiple drives and directories 


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Session 1  

Textbook Lesson 1 Getting to Know the Work Area in Photoshop 

  • Open files from Photoshop 
  • Navigate the user interfaces 
  • Use the tools panel and options bar 
  • Use keyboard combinations and shortcuts 
  • Undo single and multiple actions 
  • Open and work with panels 
  • Customize the workspace 

Assignments for Textbook Lesson 1 

  • Hands-on practice with Lesson 1 in textbook (or equivalent) 

Textbook Lesson 12 Working with Camera Raw (Basic Photo Correction) 

  • Open a proprietary camera raw image in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) 
  • Use ACR to process a proprietary camera raw image from start to finish 
  • Use ACR to correct, synchronize settings and save changes to multiple files 
  • Correct common image problems such as red eye, noise and image distortion**Open a Camera Raw image as a Smart Object in Photoshop 
  • Apply Camera Raw as a filter in Photoshop** 

Assignments for Textbook Lesson 12 

  • Hands-on practice with Lesson 12 in textbook (or equivalent) 

Textbook Lesson 5 Quick Fixes

  • Correct common image problems such as red eye and image distortion 
  • Move objects using the Content-Aware Move tool 

Assignments for Textbook Lesson 5 

  • Hands-on practice with Lesson 5 in textbook (or equivalent) 

Session 2  

Textbook Lesson 2 Basic Photo Corrections 

  • Apply photo correction workflow concepts to correct and repair images 
  • Adjust color casts 
  • Straighten and crop 
  • Repair and retouch using various tools: Clone Stamp, Spot Healing Brush, Content-Aware Patch and Dust/Scratches noise filter 
  • Perform simple sharpening with the Smart Sharpen or Unsharp Mask filters 

Assignments for Textbook Lesson 2 

  • Lesson 2 in textbook (or equivalent) 

Textbook Lesson 3 Working with Selections 

  • Choose and move selected items with the Move tool 
  • Use selection tools to make geometric, freehand, edge-based and color-based selections, including: 
  • Quick Selection tool 
  • Magic Wand tool 
  • Lasso tools 
  • Marquee tools 
  • Add to or subtract from a selection 
  • Refine selection edges 
  • Isolate and save selections   

Assignments for Textbook Lesson 3 

  • Lesson 3 in textbook (or equivalent) 

Session 3  

Textbook Lesson 4 Layer Basics 

  • Understand layer concepts and uses 
  • Work with the Layers panel to create, rename, copy and rearrange layers 
  • Create text and image layers 
  • Alter the appearance of a layer using the opacity and blending controls 
  • Resize and rotate layers 
  • Apply filters and effects 
  • Add new layers via dragging, panel buttons, keyboard shortcuts or the panel menu 
  • Apply layer styles 
  • Create, format and position type 

Assignments for Textbook Lesson 4 

  • Lesson 4 in textbook (or equivalent) 

Session 4  

Textbook Lesson 6 Masks and Channels 

  • Create and refine masks 
  • Create a quick mask 
  • Manipulate an image with Puppet Warp 
  • Work with channels 

Assignments for Textbook Lesson 6 

  • Lesson 6 in textbook (or equivalent) 

Textbook Lesson 7 Typographic Design

  • Create a clipping mask from type 
  • Add point type (one line or less of type) 
  • Create type on a path 
  • Warp point type 
  • Create and format paragraphs of type 

Assignments for Textbook Lesson 7 

  • Lesson 7 in textbook (or equivalent) 

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