Digital Analytics for Marketing

Leverage digital data for the benefit and success of your organization.

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Digital Analytics for Marketing

Leverage digital data for the benefit and success of your organization.

What you’ll be able to do — competencies

  • Leverage Digital Data for your organization; drive better customer experience and profit
  • Use real-life cases to practice and hone your understanding of Digital Data
  • Define goals and KPIs for measuring digital marketing effectiveness
  • Optimize digital marketing efforts to drive online conversions that can be applied to all sorts of business, sites and marketing efforts
  • Develop a culture of analytics in the organization

Course description

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The majority of customers learn about and research businesses, products and services online these days. In doing so, they generate massive amounts of data. This data, when leveraged properly, can drive better customer experience and profit for organizations. This course will teach you everything you need to know to leverage digital data for your organization. You will also apply what you learn in this class to a real-life case to help solidify your knowledge. Part of the Integrated Digital Marketing Series, this class will include lectures, discussions and hands-on-exercises.


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Session 1

  • What is digital analytics?
  • How data gets collected – hits, log files, cookies
  • How Digital Analytics works
  • Digital Analytics process
  • Overview of various metrics

Session 1 Assignments


  • Understanding basic metrics: Introduction to a project involving a real case — we will review it in the last class

Session 2

  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Define goals and KPIs
  • Configuring the tools
  • Segmentation

Session 2 Assignments


  • Defining KPIs exercise

Session 3

  • Analyzing the data
  • Analyzing campaigns
  • Analyzing content
  • Search, display, email, social, affiliate

Session 3 Assignments

Take home

  • Conduct a review of the various marketing efforts by the company that we will do the project on

Session 4

  • Analyzing campaign (continued)
  • Presenting the data
  • Developing dashboards
  • Preparing the reports

Session 4 Assignments


  • Start developing a basic dashboard

Session 5

  • Storytelling
  • Introduction to Data Visualization tools

Session 5 Assignments

  • Develop a dashboard in Tableau/Excel

Session 6

  • A/B testing
  • A/B testing process
  • Creating a culture of analytics

Session 6 Assignments

  • Identify opportunities for improvement

Session 7

  • Creating a culture of Analytics
  • Finding a job — resume tips and support

Session 8

  • Review of projects

Capstone Project

The Capstone Project will involve a real company. All the learnings from the classes will be applied to the company’s business. Students will analyze data from all marketing efforts and channels, and develop KPIs and dashboards for various stakeholders. Finally, students will identify opportunities for improvement and develop a testing plan.

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