PowerShell Stack: Levels 1-3

Three levels of PowerShell bundled in one essential course.

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PowerShell Stack: Levels 1-3

Three levels of PowerShell bundled in one essential course.

What you’ll be able to do — competencies

PowerShell Level 1 

  • Identify, describe and use the most essential PowerShell functions 
  • Manage common Windows objects with PowerShell 
  • Manage common process objects with PowerShell 
  • Create PowerShell scripts to automate management tasks 

PowerShell Level 2 

  • Create and execute PowerShell scripts using the Integrated Scripting Environment application 
  • Explore basic programming concepts and the benefits of .NET integration in PowerShell 
  • Use advanced scripting techniques such as parameters, script modules and inline help 

PowerShell Level 3 

  • Create a PowerShell profile script 
  • Work with DateTime objects 
  • Create custom functions 
  • Learn error handling and debugging 
  • Implement looping and conditional branching 
  • Use object-oriented programming 
  • Use COM objects and .NET 
  • Explore GUI elements 

Course description

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Three levels of PowerShell are bundled in one class. This course will take you from a beginning understanding of PowerShell, which will provide essential skills for Windows administrators of all levels, through advanced topics. Get started with the basics of the PowerShell, and progress to creating sophisticated scripts that you can easily share with other administrators in your network. Learn to harness Microsoft Windows’ integrated scripting language to automate routine and complex administrative tasks. 


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  • Experience with the Windows environment
  • Recommended: Familiarity with managing Windows; Basic Programming Essentials or equivalent knowledge 


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PowerShell: Level 1 

Session 1  

  • What is PowerShell? 
  • Executing commands and basic PowerShell syntax 
  • Finding commands and using help 

Session 1 Assignments 

  • Launch PowerShell applications 
  • Execute basic commands to get help and begin learning the PowerShell language 

Session 2 

  • Using the PowerShell pipe 
  • Software objects and members 
  • Sorting, selecting and filtering objects 
  • Formatting output 
  • Variables 

Session 2 Assignments 

  • Execute complex commands using extended PowerShell syntax 
  • Understand and modify PowerShell output 
  • Use variables to store data 

Session 3 

  • PSDrives and the registry 
  • PowerShell remoting 
  • Basic scripting 

Session 3 Assignments 

  • Create and modify a registry key 
  • Execute commands to get information from a remote machine 
  • Create a profile script 

PowerShell: Level 2 

Lesson 1 

  • Scripting basics 
  • Pipeline mechanics 
  • Calculated properties 

Lesson 1 Assignments 

  • Lab 1 build a simple script 
  • Lab 2 explore PowerShell syntax 

Lesson 2 

  • User input 
  • Functions 
  • Script modules 
  • Debugging 

Lesson 2 Assignments 

  • Lab 3 create WMI scripts 
  • Lab 4 advanced scripting 

Lesson 3 

  • Conditional branching 
  • ForEach loops 
  • Using .NET 
  • Profile scripts 

Lesson 3 Assignments 

  • Lab 5 error handling 
  • Lab 6 .NET classes 

PowerShell: Level 3 

Session 1  

  • Profile scripts 
  • Functions 
  • Error handling 
  • Debugging 
  • Loops and branching 

Session 1 Assignments 

The following assignments will be completed in this session: 

  • Assignment 1 creating a profile script 
  • Assignment 2 creating reusable functions 
  • Assignment 3 error handling 
  • Assignment 4 conditional branching 

Session 2 

  • Object oriented programming 
  • .NET classes 
  • GUI applications 
  • Introduction to desired state configuration 

Session 2 Assignments 

The following assignments will be completed in this session: 

  • Assignment 1 class definitions in PowerShell 
  • Assignment 2 looping 
  • Assignment 3 accessing .NET 
  • Assignment 2 elements of a Windows GUI application 

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