jQuery Fundamentals

Use jQuery JavaScript to add professional-quality code modules and UI widgets.

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jQuery Fundamentals

Use jQuery JavaScript to add professional-quality code modules and UI widgets.

What you’ll be able to do — competencies

  • Describe what JavaScript frameworks are, what they do and their advantages and disadvantages 
  • Employ the jQuery framework to simplify the application of common JavaScript tasks with reliable cross-browser results 
  • Utilize the jQuery UI library for advanced interface functionality, including animations, modals and sortable lists 
  • Build a jQuery plug-in to better understand and customize the hundreds that are available 
  • Discriminate between a variety of competing jQuery-based libraries via research, evaluation and trial implementation 
  • Identify best practices for assuring professional quality of jQuery projects 

Course description

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This course offers an introduction to the jQuery JavaScript library and framework and describes how to use it to add professional-quality code modules and UI widgets. jQuery pre-packages well-tested, complex JavaScript functionality so that it’s relatively straightforward to employ without a requirement of advanced coding skills. Course topics include building a custom slideshow, as well as making animated menus, custom plugins and advanced data tables. 


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  • Scripting for Web DesignersJavaScript or equivalent knowledge 


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Module 1 jQuery basics 

Lesson 1.1 

  • What is jQuery? 
  • The jQuery foundation 
  • Attaching jQuery to your project 
  • The jQuery $() wrapper 
  • The .ready() method 

Lesson 1.2 

  • jQuery selectors 
  • Filtering selections with filters 
  • Chaining syntax 
  • The .each() method 

Lesson 1.3 

  • Handling events 
  • Using .hover() and .trigger() 
  • Using .on() 

Module 1 Assignments 

  • Read: chapters 1, 2, and 3 

Module 2 Working with the DOM 

Lesson 2.1 

  • Manipulate element attributes and styles 
  • Add, change and remove elements 
  • Traverse the DOM 

Lesson 2.2 

  • Playing with styles 
  • Creating new elements 
  • Traversing the DOM 

Lesson 2.3 

  • Creating animations with jQuery 
  • Hide and show effects 
  • Custom animation methods 

Module 2 Assignments 

  • Read: chapters 4, 5, and 6 

Module 3 jQuery UI and widgets 

Lesson 3.1 

  • Introduction to jQuery UI’s set of user interaction widgets 
  • Installing and using widgets 
  • Customizing widgets 

Module 3 Assignments 

Do not stop! 

Become a jQuery guru! 

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