Logo, Icon and Symbol Design

Create icons, symbols and/or logos for your portfolio in this workshop-style course.

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Logo, Icon and Symbol Design

Create icons, symbols and/or logos for your portfolio in this workshop-style course.

What you’ll be able to do — competencies

  • List and apply the Principles of Effective Logo Design 
  • Differentiate between the three main types of logos 
  • Differentiate between effective and ineffective logos, icons and symbols 
  • Demonstrate techniques for creating logo and icon “families” 
  • Produce a vector-based print and Webready file in Illustrator 
  • Make a family of icons, symbols and/or logos to incorporate into your portfolio 

Course description

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Apply concepts learned in Design Foundation Series and tools learned in Visual Design Series to create a family of icons, symbols and/ or logos to incorporate into your portfolio. The concepts of corporate identity and user experience are discussed. Course is conducted in a workshop format; portfolio pieces are developed through homework and in-class critiques. Refinement will occur throughout the course, and work on a computer outside of class is vital. 


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  • Successful completion of Design Foundation and Visual Design Series or equivalent knowledge  


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Session 1  

  • Student introductions 
  • Review objectives 
  • Demonstration of effective and ineffective logos, icons and symbols 
  • Logo, symbol and icon terminology 
  • Principles of effective logo design 
  • Discuss the Research Stage – Creative Brief, Brainstorming and Mood board 

Session 1 Assignments 

Preliminary research:

  • Choose a client that you will be creating a logo or group of icons for and fill out a creative brief 

Research project topics:

  • Choose from project options; research client; gather info and brainstorm keywords; and create a mood board 
  • Bring creative brief and some initial sketches to class the following week 

Session 2  

  • Review homework: Students will discuss their creative brief, key words and proposed project with initial rough sketches 
  • Discuss the Production Stage of logo design 
  • Appropriate use of typefaces in logo design 
  • Resources for fonts and symbols 

Session 2 Assignments 

  • Discuss creative brief and explore various possible solutions through sketching in class to arrive at a series of potential visuals 
  • Sketch out Concepts: Develop a variety of sketches (510 drawings per icon/logo). Take these home and use them to explore different type treatments and symbols 
  • Bring printouts to the next class 

Session 3  

  • Review homework 
  • Discuss type treatments 
  • Review Illustrator techniques to form vector-based designs 
  • Use of color in logo design 

Session 3 Assignments 

  • Continue to work on designs at home in Illustrator 
  • Edit and Refine Logo Concepts. Translate initial concepts into vector form in Adobe Illustrator 
  • Bring concept printouts to class 

Session 4  

  • Critique of students’ logo comps 
  • Review all concepts that have been created and narrow down selection to the strongest options 
  • Discuss presentation skills and persuasive practices 
  • Add a color palette 

Session 4 Assignments 

  • Choose the best three logo concepts and narrow them down to the final choice for creative review 
  • Finalize designs at home and prepare for final 10-minute presentation 

Session 5  

  • Students will present final design in front of the group as though presenting to a client 
  • Give feedback and discuss changes that could be made before finalizing for portfolio 

Session 5 Assignments 

  • Presentation of final designs 
  • This should include persuasive, supportive verbal and visual articulation of the design direction, process decisions and final solutions 
  • Use one multi-page PDF plus printed samples presented on mat board 

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