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Certified Financial Planner – General Principles

Study the basics of the financial planning process.

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Certified Financial Planner – General Principles

Study the basics of the financial planning process.

What you’ll be able to do — competencies

  • Distinguish the financial planning process according to the CFP Board Domains  
  • Recognize CFP Board Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility 
  • Compute financial statements  
  • Compute relevant calculator processes i.e.: Time Value of Money, Education Funding  
  • Distinguish the function, purpose, and regulation of financial institutions  
  • Analyze economic concepts; monetary policies; economic indicators 
  • Recognize the business cycle  
  • Compute and analyze financial strategies related to rent/mortgage/reverse mortgage 
  • Recognize Financial Service Regulations and Requirements 
  • Identify business law and consumer protection laws/ bankruptcy 

Course description

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This course is the first of six modules and is designed to introduce students to the financial planning process. The course focuses on the general principles required to become a successful financial planner, including the ethics of the profession as well as the knowledge and skills required to prepare a financial plan. 


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  • Students should have acquired knowledge in accounting, financial calculator protocol, finance, and economics, through extensive job experience 
  • Students are presented with real world experiences along with curriculum 


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Weekend 1:  

  • Lesson 1 lecture and lesson 1 quiz  
  • Lesson 2 lecture and lesson 2 quiz  
  • Lesson 3 lecture and lesson 3 quiz  
  • Lesson 4 lecture and lesson 4 quiz 

Weekend 2:  

  • Lesson 5 lecture and lesson 5 quiz  
  • Lesson 6 lecture and lesson 6 quiz  
  • Lesson 7 lecture and lesson 7 quiz  
  • Lesson 8 lecture and lesson 8 quiz  
  • Review building client information 

Weekend 3:  

  • Who will return for next class?  
  • Client information due  
  • Lesson 9 lecture and lesson 9 quiz  
  • Lesson 10 lecture and lesson 10 quiz  
  • Case 1, 2, 3 

Weekend 4:  

  • Exam review  
  • Final exam · retake  
  • Review of final exam  
  • Receive materials for next class 

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