Human Resources Management Certificate Program

Comprehensive overview of human resources management

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Why invest in Human Resources Management Certificate Program

  • Human resources can shape the culture of an organization and support the development of employees.


  • 93 hours of instruction
  • Bundled courses complete within 3 quarters (9 months)




$2,919 - $3,078
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Human Resources Management Certificate Program

Comprehensive overview of human resources management

What you’ll be able to do – competencies

  • Describe areas of expertise within the profession of human resources management such as talent acquisition, benefits, compensation, and performance management.
  • Define and apply the acronyms and vocabulary of the human resources management profession.
  • Identify national, state, and local level laws that impact human resource management.
  • Analyze various approaches for common human resources issues and recommend those which balance the mission of the organization with the needs of employees.
  • Evaluate proven approaches to enhancing employee development and organizational effectiveness.

What previous students are saying about this program

quote mark down icon Instructors were not only experienced practitioners, but incredible resources inside and outside the course. I’m still friends with 4 of the 9 instructors more than 10 years after completing my certificate. quote mark up icon

Nancy Kasmar

Program description

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This certificate program prepares students to enter the human resources profession. Contents include Human Resources Essentials, Benefits, Compensation, Employment Law, Performance Management, Recruitment, Systems & Metrics, and HR Capstone. Threaded throughout the program are fundamentals in ethics, employment law, as well as principles in equity, diversity, and inclusion.

To complete the certificate, students can either take required courses individually or at a reduced cost when taken as part of a course bundle.


Courses may be taken individually or as part of the certificate program.

  1. SHRM Essentials of Human Resources
  2. Benefit Basics
  3. Compensation Basics
  4. Employment Law
  5. Performance Management
  6. Recruiting and Retaining a Talented Workforce
  7. HR Systems and Metrics
  8. HR Capstone

Three parts to completing the certificate

Human Resources Certificate - Part 1

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Human Resources Certificate - Part 1 bundles two courses that start students on the path to becoming an HR Professional. HR Essentials provides an overview of the areas of focus for the HR certificate and then students begin studying topic areas in depth with Benefits Basics.

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Human Resources Certificate - Part 2

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Human Resources Certificate - Part 2 includes three courses; Compensation Basics, Employment Law, and Performance Management. Students will learn how to establish compensation plan, examine federal employment laws and learn to establish the foundation for optimum performance.

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Human Resources Certificate - Part 3

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Human Resources Certificate - Part 3 bundles three courses; Recruiting and Retaining a Talented Workforce, HR Systems and Metrics, and HR Practicum. Complete your studies by designing an HR strategy that covers all the major disciplines within HR.

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Who should consider this program

  • HR professionals who want to update, refresh, or add to their knowledge base
  • HR professionals in small organizations who want a broader perspective
  • HR professionals who want to advance their careers
  • Career transitioners who want to prepare for the HR profession
  • Managers or supervisors who need HR skills and knowledge


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What is Human Resources Management?

The human resources department is an essential business unit that focuses on supporting people, so they can accomplish organizational goals and contribute to the success of the organization. Primary activities include recruiting, hiring, compensation, training and development.

Human resources serve as an umbrella for many functions including the following:

  • Benefits – administration of medical, dental and retirement plans, as well other programs such as educational assistance
  • Compensation – development of a wage and salary program and variable pay systems such as bonuses and stock options, job analysis, job evaluations and performance management
  • Labor relations – working with labor unions in areas such as bargaining, mediation, and contract administration, or participation in the grievance process
  • Employee relations – depending upon the size of the organization, this might involve employee events, conflict resolution, employment law, diversity, discrimination, or other general employee issues
  • Training – coaching managers and supervisors, one-on-one career development, or organizational development
  • Recruitment – advertising, screening, and hiring qualified individuals into the workforce
  • Health, safety and security – risk management, worker’s compensation, and OSHA compliance

Working in any one of the above areas qualifies you as a human resources specialist. However, having expertise in all areas and cross-functional skills means that you are a human resources generalist, which is the trend today.

What does the future look like in this field?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of HR, Training, and Labor Relations managers and specialists is projected to grow by 9% between 2016 – 2026. Employers are very selective, however, in hiring individuals with the right mix of educational and workplace competencies. Today, organizations are delivering their human resources services differently, with more emphasis on customer service, leadership and business skills, and strong interpersonal skills. Due to high turnover, retirement, and restructuring in this economy, recruiting talented people is also a key priority.

What does Tombolo Institute offer in human resources management?

We offer a non-credit certificate in human resources management through our Tombolo Institute. In this program, you may take either individual courses that interest you or complete the full certificate program. For seasoned HR professionals we offer select continuing education courses that qualify for SHRM® re-certification units. A human resources assistant credit certificate is offered through our General Business Division.

Can I get college credits for my certificate?

Since our programs are offered through the Continuing Education Division, we do not offer college credits, we offer Continuing Education Units instead. For many people in the professional world—particularly those who already hold a college degree—a current professional certificate has proven to be of more value than another academic degree that may take several years to complete and be less directed toward hands-on knowledge.

How will obtaining this certificate benefit me?

The HR Management Certificate can be earned within a short time period, and classes are offered at convenient times. The courses are taught by talented practitioners and consultants with direct experience in the field. A certificate demonstrates to your employer your expanded knowledge in the HR field and will certainly prove a worthwhile credential for future employers.

How do I get started in this program?

There are no prerequisites for registration. Anyone with an interest in enhancing skills is welcome. Just register for the program.

May I retake a class if I miss a session or want a refresher?

We cannot manage student absences by offering make-up sessions. Re-takes are not available.

How long will it take for me to receive a certificate?

Upon completion of 93 course hours, you may receive the Human Resources Management Certificate from Bellevue College. A digital badge will be issued in two to three weeks upon completion.

What will it cost to complete a certificate program?

The cost of the program is $2,919.

How do I get my certificate?

Once you’ve completed the program, a  a digital badge will be issued in two to three weeks.

Is your program affiliated with SHRM?

Tombolo Institute is a SHRM® Approved Provider, we do offer classes that qualify for SHRM® re-certification units. (SHRM, which stands for Society for Human Resources Management, is the national professional organization for HR.) Our program was developed with advisory board members who are members of SHRM, and most of our HR instructors are PHR® (Professional in Human Resources) or SPHR® (Senior Professional in Human Resources) certified professionals. For more information, visit the SHRM website. The local chapters for SHRM are: Lake Washington, Northwest, Seattle, and South Seattle.

Does Bellevue College give SHRM® certification exams?

No, these exams are administered by SHRM. Tombolo Institute provides a comprehensive certification exam preparation course.

Will Bellevue College help me get a job?

Tombolo Institute does not have a formal job placement service connected with this program. Bellevue College Main Campus has an active Career Center that offers classes on job search skills, posts job openings, and has an active internship program. Check out the Career Center website at Find resources for people in the field of HR at

Can I expect any changes or additions to these programs?

Definitely. Human resources is an ever-evolving profession. We are constantly on the lookout for courses to add to our curriculum to keep it up to date. Our programs are designed to allow us to respond quickly to changing needs in the business community.

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