Project Management Certificate Program

Provides specialized project management skills to improve team performance. This certificate is offered in three parts.

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Why invest in Project Management Certificate Program


  • Our courses count toward the 35-hour PMP or the CAPM education requirements


  • 93 hours of instruction
  • Complete within 3 quarters




Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter


$2,453 - $2,624
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Project Management Certificate Program

Provides specialized project management skills to improve team performance. This certificate is offered in three parts.

What you’ll be able to do—competencies

  • Explain the purpose of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and its accepted good practices.
  • Summarize tools and techniques needed to effectively plan and deliver a project.
  • Understand accepted and good practices recommended to deliver a product, service, or result.
  • Demonstrate ability to apply accepted and good practices to a variety of project scenarios.

What previous students are saying about this program

quote mark down icon Overall, I found the instructors to be very engaging especially when you take into account, they are coming from their professional life to teach here. quote mark up icon

Will Tooker

Program description

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Project Management Certificate is divided into three parts and are made up of 8 courses. It balances the art and science of project management. Students will explore real-world best practices that improve project management delivery and gain hands-on experience to run successful projects in today’s dynamic environment. Students will plan projects in both predictive (Waterfall) and adaptive (Agile) approaches to meet organization’s unique needs. Students will learn to manage teams with effective team building, leadership, and communication skills. Students will also practice techniques to enhance your effectiveness in leading a project team as well as explore tools to engage stakeholders and drive successful projects.

Project Management – Part One includes courses 1 to 3; Project Requirements & Scope Management, Project Scheduling, and Project Delivery. Project Management – Part Two includes courses 4 to 7; Essential People Skills, Communications Management, Cost Management, and Risks & Issues Management. Part Three, Project Management – Practicum, is the final course to complete in this certificate program.

To complete the certificate, students can either take required courses individually or at a reduced cost when taken as part of a course bundle.


Courses in the certificate

  1. Project Requirements & Scope Management
  2. Project Scheduling
  3. Project Delivery
  4. Essential People Skills
  5. Communications Management
  6. Cost Management
  7. Risks & Issues Management
  8. Project Management – Practicum

Three parts to completing the program

Project Management - Part One

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Project Management - Part One bundles three courses that target skills and techniques for creating and executing a project. The focus is on project scope, approach, responsibilities and schedule.

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Project Management - Part Two

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Project Management - Part two bundles four courses that target skills and techniques for managing people, risks, issues and costs of a project.

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Project Management - Practicum

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Project Management Part three is the capstone course that allows students to apply and synthesize the skills, knowledge and techniques learned in previous courses.

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What is Tombolo Institute’s Project Management Program?

Our program in project management offers you a working knowledge of the tools and techniques used by professional project managers to deliver quality products on time and within budget. These tools and techniques are transferable across industries, and in today’s team-based work environment, they will make you a valuable team member or leader. The program is based upon PMI’s Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge.

Why should I consider obtaining this certificate and how will it benefit me?

The Project Management Certificate can be earned within a short time period and classes are offered at convenient times. The courses are taught by talented practitioners and consultants with direct experience in the field. A certificate demonstrates to your employer your expanded knowledge in the field and will certainly prove a worthwhile credential for future employers.

What does it cost to complete this certificate?

This program is offered in three parts. The cost of Part 1 is $799, Part 2 is $879, and Part 3 Practicum is $775. The total cost of the 93-hour program is $2,453. In addition to course fees, students will need to purchase required textbooks.

How do I get started in this program?

You do not need to submit a formal application; just register for the program.

How long will it take me to finish a certificate?

The program will be completed within 3 quarters, about 9 months.

How do I get my certificate?

A digital badge will be issued in two to three weeks upon completion of the program.

Can I get college credits for my certificate?

We offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Since our programs are offered through the Continuing Education Division, we do not offer college credits. For many people in the professional world, a current professional certificate has proven to be of more value than an academic degree that may take several years to complete and have a less practical, “real-world” orientation.

Will Tombolo Institute help me get a job?

While we do not have a formal job placement service connected with this program, we do sometimes learn of positions for which our students might be qualified and this information is shared with program graduates. Bellevue College Main Campus has an active Career Center that offers classes on job search skills, posts job openings, and has an active Internship Program. For more information on the Center for Career Connections please visit their website.

What are the CAPM® And PMP® Certifications?

The CAPM®, or Certified Associate in Project Management, credential is an entry-level certification for project practitioners. The only requirements that must be met to sit for the CAPM® examination are: A high school diploma (or equivalent), and 1,500 hours of project management experience or 23 hours of project management education. The PMP®, or Project Management Professional, credential is the most widely recognized industry certification for project managers. To be eligible to sit for the PMP® a candidate must meet the following criteria:

  • Hold a four-year degree (bachelor’s or equivalent)
  • Have at least three years of project management experience, with 4,500 hours leading and directing projects
  • 35 hours of project management education

For more information on both the CAPM® and PMP® credentials, please see PMI’s website.

Is this program designed to prepare a student for the PMP® exams?

While this program will certainly familiarize a student with the general knowledge covered in both the CAPM® and PMP® tests, it is designed as a program that teaches practical, hands on skills, rather than focusing on theoretical knowledge. Essentially, the program is designed to teach a student how to run a project, not pass a test. Tombolo Institute does offer the PMP® exam preparation course, but these are designed to build familiarity with the tests and build test taking skills. Students should expect to spend a significant amount of time studying outside of class if they intend to sit for either examination.

Does Tombolo Institute give the Certified CAPM® or PMP® exams?

No. Both exams are administered by PMI®. Information regarding the exams, registration and other PMI® certifications is available on PMI’s website.

I’ve heard the PMBOK® is changing. Will this affect the program?

As of Winter 2024, the required classes in the Project Management Certificate Program align with the PMBOK® (Project Management Body of Knowledge) 7th edition. Go to PMI® for current information on PMI’s updates to their PMP and CAPM exams with the release of the PMBOK 7th edition.

What are PDUs?

PDU stands for professional development units and refers to the continuing education requirements needed by PMI credential holders to renew certifications. Some courses in the Project Management program have been approved by PMI for PDU completion. For an up to date list Tombolo Institute courses that grant PDUs please consult PMI’s website.

When was the last time this program was updated?

The last major change became effective Winter quarter 2024.

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