Project Planning and Scheduling

Learn planning and scheduling techniques to build a comprehensive project plan.

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Project Planning and Scheduling

Learn planning and scheduling techniques to build a comprehensive project plan.

What you’ll be able to do — competencies

  • Create a work breakdown structure (WBS) 
  • Create a network diagram 
  • Build a schedule 
  • Describe the key concepts in developing a risk management plan 
  • Create a project budget 
  • Produce the project baseline 
  • Create a change management process 
  • Create a quality control process 
  • Describe the key concepts in creating a communication plan 

Course description

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A comprehensive project plan and a precise schedule are necessary components of a project. Course topics include using planning and scheduling techniques that will establish the timeline of a project and facilitate moving the project forwardbuilding an accurate, resource-driven project schedule; and creating a realistic budget. In addition, students will prepare project planning documents and create processes for risk management, change management and quality control. 


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  • Principles of Project Management or equivalent experience 


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Objective 1: Create a work breakdown structure (WBS) 

  • Identify tasks needed to reach project completion 
  • Identify the major work elements for a project 
  • Assign project tasks to each work element 
  • Identify resources necessary to complete each task 
  • Compare project scope to the WBS to assure tasks are focused and complete 

Objective 1 Assignments 

  • Review Case Study  
  • Create WBS 
  • Create a team WBS 
  • Refer to PMBOK pages 118-122. 

Objective 2: Create a network diagram 

  • Assign durations to each task in the WBS 
  • Identify task dependencies 
  • Order tasks appropriately 
  • Calculate the critical path 

Objective 2 Assignments 

  • Team Case Activity: 
  • Create a Network Diagram 
  • Calculate Critical Path 
  • Refer to PMBOK pages 193, 194, and 201 – 211 and Verzuh 198 – 206. 

Objective 3: Build a schedule 

  • Enter scheduled tasks 
  • Remove non-working dates from the schedule 
  • Allocate available resources to each task 
  • Calculate the date the project will complete 
  • Create the schedule baseline 

Objective 3 Assignments 

  • Team Case Activity – Use the Activity List to: 
  • Calculate an Actual Schedule 

Objective 4: Create a risk management plan 

  • Identify potential project risks 
  • Rank risks on a risk matrix 
  • Determine strategies to prepare for risk 
  • Create a risk register 

Objective 4 Assignments 

  • Team Activity 
  • Evaluate and Rank Risks 
  • Utilize a Risk Register 

Objective 5 Create a project budget 

  • Identify the costs of all project tasks 
  • Tie costs back to the WBS unique identifier 
  • Calculate the management reserve 
  • Produce the budget baseline 

Objective 5 Assignments 

  • Team Activity 
  • Complete Budget Exercise 

Objective 6 Project the project baseline 

  • Review individual baselines: schedule, scope and cost 
  • Combine individual baselines to create the project baseline 
  • Estimate future project performance 

Objective 6 Assignments 

  • Team Activity 
  • Review project scope, budget, and schedule baselines 
  • Make changes to the outputs 
  • Combine all three outputs to the project baseline 

Objective 7 Create a Change Management (CM) process 

  • Describe the purpose of a chance management process 
  • Determine who should approve or reject changes 
  • Create a change management log to capture all change requests 
  • Determine how to communicate changes to the customer and project team 

Objective 7 Assignments 

  • Individual Student Activity 
  • Review and complete CM Process 

Objective 8 Create a quality control process 

  • Determine what quality is within a project 
  • Identify a successful project outcome 
  • Create a quality assurance process 

Objective 8 Assignments 

  • Quiz on quality definitions 

Objective 9 Create a communication plan 

  • Determine stakeholders 
  • Choose types of reporting methods 
  • Schedule frequency of communication 

Objective 9 Assignments 

  • Individual Student Activity 
  • Develop, review, and select a communication plan 

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