Algorithms in .NET

Create tools using C# language or get a refresher on structured coding.

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Algorithms in .NET

Create tools using C# language or get a refresher on structured coding.

What you’ll be able to do — competencies

  • Create tools using C# language
  • Analyze the performance of data structures to improve the efficiency of your code
  • Use a variety of sorting algorithms from basic to advanced techniques
  • Analyze the working of strings and better ways to manipulate them

Course description

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This class introduces algorithm techniques and data structures for new .NET developers with development experience but no formal computer sciences background who want to create tools using C#. The course is a good refresher on structured coding and includes hands-on exercises. Topics include strategies used for sorting, binary searching, stacks, queues, dynamically sized arrays, parsing numbers/strings, lists and binary trees.


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  • C# Programming: 2 or equivalent knowledge


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An Introduction to Data Structures

  • Analyze the performance of data structures
  • Everyone’s favorite linear, direct access, homogeneous data structure
  • The ArrayList: a heterogeneous, self-redimensioning array

Basic Sorting Algorithms

  • Bubble sort
  • Selection sort
  • Insertion sort
  • Timing comparisons of the basic sorting algorithms

Basic Searching Algorithms

  • Sequential searching
  • Make a sequential search faster
  • Binary search
  • Recursive binary search algorithm

The Queue, Stack and Hashtable

  • Providing first-come, first-served job processing
  • A look at the stack data structure: first come, last served
  • The limitations of ordinal indexing
  • System.Collections.Hashtable class

The BitArray Class

  • Bit and bit manipulation
  • Manipulate binary numbers
  • Bitshift operators
  • The bitarray class
  • More bitarray class methods and properties

String Manipulation

  • Commonly used string methods
  • Methods for comparing and manipulating strings
  • The stringbuilder class
  • Comparing the efficiency of the string and stringbuilder classes

Pattern Matching and Text Processing

  • Work with regular expressions
  • Use character classes
  • Use group constructs
  • CapturesCollection class”

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