Programming with Python: 3

Build on your knowledge of Python programming.

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Programming with Python: 3

Build on your knowledge of Python programming.

What you’ll be able to do — competencies

  • Use a relational database to store data
  • Use sockets for network communication and file transfer
  • Create GUI (Windows) applications
  • Parse XML data
  • Incorporate sound, graphics and animation
  • Use Python to interop with C# programs

Course Description

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Build on your knowledge of Python programming with practical topics such as relational database integration, networking, and web programming. Students will learn to implement some of the most popular commercial applications of the Python language such as consuming CSV, XML and JSON data, web scraping, and wrapping existing coding.


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Programming with Python: 2 or equivalent.


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Python: Level 3 

Session 1 

  • Object-oriented programming review 
  • Inheritance 
  • Object communication 

Session 1 Assignments 

  • Class definitions, modules and client code 
  • Inheriting from existing class definitions 
  • Applications with multiple object types and object communication 

Session 2 

  • Graphical user interface applications 
  • Using Python widgets: buttons, text entries, check buttons and radio buttons 

Session 2 Assignments 

  • Read Chapter 10 
  • Create a graphical window application 
  • Binding event handlers to command buttons 
  • User input with text and entry widgets 
  • User input with radio buttons and check buttons 

Session 3 

  • Network programming with sockets 
  • Servers and clients 
  • File transfer 

Session 3 Assignments 

  • Create a network server and network client 
  • Create a file server and network client 

Session 4  

  • Command line arguments 
  • Code interop 
  • Graphics, sound and animation 

Session 4 Assignments 

  • Read chapter 11 
  • Using input arguments 
  • Calling Python code from a C# application 
  • Graphics 

Session 5 

  • Graphics, sound and animation (cont’d) 
  • Database programming 

Session 5 Assignments 

  • Read chapter 12 
  • Adding animation and sound; keyboard input 
  • Create a database client application 

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