Translation – Advanced Portuguese Certificate Program

Portuguese language specific skill-building certificate

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Translation – Advanced Portuguese Certificate Program

Portuguese language specific skill-building certificate

  • Analyze and evaluate equivalency without linguistic or cultural interference.
  • Analyze and synthesize professional translation methods, techniques and theory appropriately to produce fluent and accurate written language transfer.
  • Analyze and evaluate existing and emerging translation technology to produce a digital translation.
  • Analyze and evaluate self-performance, and develop editing and proofreading skills.
  • Apply best professional practices to terminology and corpora.

Program description

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The Advanced Translation Certificate is a Portuguese language specific skills-building program, which is a continuation of the Core Translation and Interpreting Certificate Program. It is a 19-weeks course plus a Specialty Workshop. It will help students to be able to recognize problematic language issues and to apply language specific techniques to resolve them. Students are expected to participate and share their experiences in doing each assignment. They are also encouraged to actively participate in classroom discussions, and continue to practice on their own outside of the classroom. By the end of this program, students will have created a translation portfolio which includes many domains as well as a detailed glossary.


  • Bilingual in English and Portuguese (Required).
  • Core Translation & Interpreting Certificate or at least one year of translation experience.
  • Introduction to Translation & Interpreting is highly recommended.

By registering in this certificate program, you acknowledge that you meet the above prerequisites.

Curriculum Tools

Our curriculum includes a practice of Wordfast translation tools, courtesy of Wordfast LLC and Yves Champollion.

Category Guide

Guide to the courses and certificate programs offered in the Translation & Interpreting category.

Program content

Text Analysis – syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic

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  • Equivalence at a word level
  • Equivalence above word level
  • Grammatical equivalence
  • Textual equivalence (Thematic and information structures)
  • Textual equivalence (Cohesion)
  • Pragmatic equivalence
  • Semiotic equivalence
  • Beyond equivalence (ethics and morality)

Theories of text types and translation techniques

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  • Précis writing
  • Paraphrase
  • Restructuring
  • Loss and Gain
  • Shifts

Audiovisual Translation

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  • Overview of types of Audiovisual Translation

Theories of text types and translation techniques

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  • Informative Text Type
  • Expressive Text Type
  • Operative Text Type


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  • Final Translation and Glossary
  • Workshop Proposal

Specialty Workshop

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  • Information and terminology
  • Techniques
  • Ethics and professional practice
  • Issues relating to the profession (e.g., language access, professional development, emerging markets and technologies)

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Advanced Portuguese Translation Certificate

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Total classroom hours

90 hours

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Evenings, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM, 20 T - 10/1/2024 - 2/25/2025, No class 12/24 and 12/31

Quarter: Fall
Registration for this course will open on July 31, 2024

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Instructor: Jonas Nicotra

Jonas Nicotra is an American Translation Association voting member and has worked as a translator, interpreter, localization specialist, and educator for over 27 years. He holds a master’s degree in Education and Graduate Degree in Portuguese Linguistics and Pedagogy. He also holds a BA in French, Romance Linguistics, and International Studies.

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This course has synchronous and asynchronous hours. Students access content online and engage in applied learning activities during their own time. Instructors meet with students via teleconferencing during scheduled sessions.

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