A Message from our Executive Director

Students and Instructors of Bellevue College North Campus,

The past five weeks have been unprecedented. We now exist mainly within our homes as COVID-19 continues impacting our professional and personal lives. This is no different for the Bellevue College community as both Main and North campuses have ceased in-person operations and will continue to do so through Governor Inslee’s Stay Home order. As we continue to operate remotely, we’d like to give praise to those typically in our building every day:

  • Students: Thank you for your flexibility and understanding as we’ve transitioned to online learning for Spring Quarter.
  • Instructors: Thank you for your participation and willingness to bring your courses online.
  • Staff: Thank you for creating a system in which students and instructors can succeed.
  • All: Thank you for making the best of a very difficult situation.

The economic effect of COVID-19 is clear as the number of layoffs and closed businesses continue to increase. Many companies have also paused hiring new roles, but a day will come when we can get back to work on the ground. When that happens, many jobs that would be typically be filling will be available, and it could be the job you’ve always wanted.

There’s also the impact COVID-19 has which has nothing to do with our jobs. For some, this could have been the time they finally wanted to learn a new language or skill. Maybe take the chance on an art class that lets them express themselves.

We understand the barriers COVID-19 presents, and we’re here to help you clear them.

Tombolo Institute at Bellevue College and Bellevue College Community Education both have online courses for Spring Quarter to help close your professional and personal gaps. Whether it be learning how to code or learning how to draw, we’re here to help you with instructor-led or self-paced online instruction.

We understand in such unprecedented times that it may not be the right time for a course, and that’s okay! We’ll be here when you’re ready, and we’ll be here long after we can resume our normal lives.

Thank you again for everything you’ve done to help Bellevue College North Campus be what it is: a fantastic place to learn.

Jennifer Sohonie
Executive Director