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Accessing Student Accounts


  • You will need to enter your NetID and password. Log in here.


  • Log in to your student account to register for classes.

Create your NetID

Your NetID is your electronic identity at Bellevue College. It is a combination of a username and password which allows you to log in to online and computing services such as email, Canvas (an online Learning Management System), and computers on campus. Once you have been issued your college SID (system identification number) and PIN (personal identification number/password) you will need to create your NetID online. Create your NetID here.

eResources for Remote Learning

Bellevue College Main and North Campus courses have moved to an online format since Spring of 2020. As we continue online, here are resources to support efforts to continuously improve your online learning.

Certificate completion

To request a Certificate for completion of a certificate program, please complete this form and email to Customer Service at Your information will be confirmed, and a digital badge will be issued in two to three weeks.

Career support

Below are resources we offer our students to help bridge the gap between courses and jobs. We continue to evolve these efforts, so please continue to check in on how we are supporting professionals with their careers:

Digital Badging

Digital credentials are issued to students who successfully complete certificate programs. These credentials are offered through Credly’s Platform. Two to three weeks after completion of your certificate program, you will receive an email from Credly to accept your digital credentials.


Tombolo Institute has partnered with Parker Dewey to provide short-term, professional, paid professional work through Micro-Internships. These Micro-Internships will provide students with an opportunity to connect to employers and gain professional experience to prepare them for success in the workforce. Click here for more information. To create a free account and to start browsing projects, click here.

Career Courses

Tombolo offers courses to develop career-related skills to better prepare professionals for pursuing jobs, interviews, networking, and navigating their career. Click on ‘Career Builder’ in our Course Catalog under Technology, Business or Healthcare.

Bellevue College Main Campus

The main campus at Bellevue College has additional career support through The Center for Career Connections, which provides comprehensive career resources and services for all stages of your academic and professional career.

For instructors

If you’re interested in teaching a course at Tombolo Institute, please download our course proposal form, and send it to

eResources for Remote Instruction are now available for teaching online.