User Experience (UX) – Design Fundamentals

Simulate the work of a design team in planning a website with user experience in mind.

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User Experience (UX) – Design Fundamentals

Simulate the work of a design team in planning a website with user experience in mind.

What you’ll be able to do — competencies

  • Determine the business requirements of a new or existing website 
  • Research who the users are and how they will use the website 
  • Create a site organization structure based on how the user will interact with the website 
  • Develop a design that will enable users to accomplish their goals at the website 
  • Conduct usability testing to identify website design problems 

Course description

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This project-based class simulates the work of the design team in implementing user experience design principles when planning a website. Course topics include incorporating business and marketing goals while catering to the user; improving the usability of the site and its acceptance by customers; and creating design documents using detailed procedures and guidelines. Students will create user personas and scenarios; site organization and task flows; storyboards, wireframes and prototypes; and usability tests.  


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  • Participants should be proficient with navigating to folders and files; opening, saving and closing files; and using menus, toolbars and dialog boxes 
  • A good understanding of the skills in Design Principles or equivalent knowledge is required 


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Lesson 1 

Determine the business requirements of a new or existing website 

  • Analyze the business needs for a website 
  • Identify the SMART business objectives of the website 
  • Conduct a competitive analysis of a website in your field 

Lesson 1 Assignments 

  • Lecture/demo 
  • Book: Chapters 1 and 2 
  • Skill check #1 

Lesson 2  

  • Collect user information using online resources and user interviews 
  • Summarize user research results 
  • Create user personas for your website 

Lesson 2 Assignments 

  • Lecture/demo 
  • Book: Chapters 3 and 4 
  • Skill check #2 

Lesson 3 

  • Create user scenarios for your website 
  • Identify the information users need from the website and how it will be organized 
  • Create a diagram that shows the structure and information flow of the website 
  • Create a navigation system for the website 
  • Identify interaction design patterns for the website 
  • Create interaction sketches for the site 

Lesson 3 Assignments 

  • Lecture/demo 
  • Book: Chapter 5 
  • Skill check #3 
  • Skill check #4 

Lesson 4 

  • Build a low-fidelity paper prototype of the website 
  • Determine the layout of the page content and create wireframes 
  • Create wireflows and storyboards that illustrate the user journey through the website 

Lesson 4 Assignments 

  • Lecture/demo 
  • Book: Chapter 6 
  • Skill check #5 

Lesson 5 

  • Create a usability test plan including task identification and testing script 
  • Administer a usability test 
  • Analyze the results of a usability test and identify changes to correct design issues 

Lesson 5 Assignments 

  • Lecture/demo 
  • Book: Chapter 7 
  • Skill check #6 

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Main Campus — Evenings

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User Experience (UX) - Design Fundamentals
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Total classroom hours

18 hours

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Main Campus

Evenings, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM, 6 Th - 5/9/2024 - 6/13/2024

Class Location:
3000 Landerholm Cir. SE Bellevue, WA 98007
Building N, Room 204
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Quarter: Spring

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Instructor: Kathy Gill

Kathy has been immersed in user experience design for more than 20 years. She is currently the webmaster for King County Elections. Kathy taught web design and digital communications for 15 years. She has worked on web projects at Boeing, Microsoft, and Safeco. Kathy evangelizes user-centered design by writing, teaching, and mentoring aspiring designers.

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