Technical Writing Certificate Program

Gain your Technical Writing Certificate in 15 weeks studying topics such as principles of technical writing, editing and intro to HTML.

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Why invest in Technical Writing Certificate Program

Salary scales for Technical Writers range from $79,000-$106,000 in the greater Seattle area (Glassdoor). Employment trends for Technical Writers are expected to grow by 10% over the next 8 years. –US Dept. of Labor


  • Equivalent to 110 classroom hours
  • Complete within 15 weeks




Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall


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Technical Writing Certificate Program

Gain your Technical Writing Certificate in 15 weeks studying topics such as principles of technical writing, editing and intro to HTML.

What you’ll be able to do — competencies

  • Distinguish technical communication from other forms of writing 
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of a technical writer 
  • Plan technical communication deliverables that explain how to complete the procedures within a process 
  • Compose draft technical communication deliverables based upon planning phase pre-work 
  • Analyze draft technical communication deliverables and revise their contents in preparation for final publication and distribution 
  • Apply, test, and measure the principles of usability 
  • Produce a Capstone project consisting of a technical communication deliverable that enables the reader to use a new product, understand a business process or proposal, or take action based on learning about something new 

What previous students are saying about this program

quote mark down icon Time is hard to come by. So, the flexibility at Tombolo Institute made it instrumental in allowing me to pursue my technical writing certificate and transition my career. It’s one of those things where now that I’m here, it feels like I was always meant to be here. I anticipate staying in this discipline through the rest of my career. quote mark up icon

Tod Hilton

Program description

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This online Technical Writing Certificate course culminates in the Tombolo Institute at Bellevue College Technical Writing Certificate. Thentire certificate course takes 15 weeks to complete at a cost that is substantially less than taking the courses individually. This competency-based program employs a course instructor and is targeted to working professionals with a strong knowledge of written English, who are looking to speed up the certificate process.


  • A strong command of English grammar and spelling 
  • A basic-to-intermediate knowledge of Microsoft® Word 

Program content

Principles of Technical Writing

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The role of the technical writer

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The writing process

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Writing strategies

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Document design

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Intro to HTML

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Job readiness strategies

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Next available start dates

Technical Writing Certificate

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Total classroom hours

110 hours

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Independent, 9/30/2024 - 1/10/2025

Quarter: Fall
Registration will open on 7/31.

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Instructor: Maria Blyther

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This online, instructor-moderated certificate course begins Sept. 30, 2024 and ends Jan. 10, 2025. (Equivalent to 110 classroom hours.) Students must create their NetID to access this course in Canvas, the online learning management system.

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