Taking Skillset to a Whole New Level: Will Tooker

10/9/2020 Project Management Certificate Graduate Will Tooker shares his story of advancing his career and how Tombolo Institute at Bellevue College set him up for success: I had gotten to a point in my career that I felt like I was doing okay, but occasionally I would run up against…

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Starting Over and Standing Out: Marina Silcheva

1/6/2020 Marina Silcheva knows human resources. Having worked in the field for 10 years in her native Russia and the Czech Republic, Marina was a seasoned professional before moving to Washington in 2016. When she looked for a job, however, her vast experience wasn’t enough to help her find employment.…

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Roads to the Present: Chris Leyerle

1/6/2020 At one point in time, Chris Leyerle was an entrepreneur. It was a career path in which he learned a great deal without textbooks or a classroom. When he re-entered the workforce as an employee, Chris landed at Puget Sound Energy, an organization he says pushed him to further…

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