Cloud Architecture has the Money, but not the Architects to Build it


First off, let’s try to agree on something. Has cloud computing completely changed the way people and businesses are conducting their activities? If that premise is true, then shouldn’t we be looking at how jobs are being adjusted to reflect this new reality? Are we ready to face new challenges with cloud computing affecting our personal and professional lives?

While the presence of cloud computing is more noticeable than ever before, it’s interesting to note people who work in cloud computing, especially cloud architects, are in high demand but low in supply. So much so that cloud architects can command around $140,000 – $150,000 per year, and even more for those who are highly experienced. Check out the InfoWorld article to read more about this.

The Greater Seattle area is the cloud computing capital of the world. Bar none. So, it goes without saying that the demand for cloud architects outweigh the supply for such experts.

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