Cybersecurity: Stable Jobs for an Unstable Future


recent CNBC article is making the prediction that jobseekers will be looking for positions that are going to be recession-proof, in light of all the predictions of an economic recession in the near future.

One thing that’s clear from the article is that industry and academic institutions think cybersecurity is a good area to look into as to provide a buffer to any incoming economic shock. According to CyberSeek’s Cybersecurity Supply/Demand Heat Map interactive map, there are about 6,300 open cybersecurity IT jobs in Washington state. Nationwide, there are about 300,000 cybersecurity job openings that available.

My personal point of view is that cybersecurity has always been a key IT area that continues to evolve, creating new challenges as well as opportunities that go hand-in-hand. Ever since I got into the antivirus software business with a large IT vendor about 20 years ago, the cybersecurity business has continually changed to adopt the different computing technology and models, from client-server to cloud computing.

So, if you are interested in entering the cybersecurity field, check out BCCE’s offering of self-paced, online cybersecurity courses by CompTIA. Additionally, new instructor-led, in-class courses will also be added in the near future.