Tombolo Institute Launches New & Improved Certificate Programs to Accelerate Your Career


Tombolo Institute is unveiling revamped certificate programs to help students capitalize on the demand for experienced and talented individuals. As employers adjust to the tight labor markets, there’s never been a better time to improve your resume or gain the skills necessary to start a business of your own.

At Tombolo, the Project Management and Human Resources Management programs are both getting a makeover, and there will also be two new programs for students to take advantage of in Entrepreneurship and Operations & Supply Chain Management. Designed with working professionals in mind, these new and revised programs can be completed within 6 months. Take a closer look at these programs and learn how certificates can give professionals the edge to catapult them to a new realm in their career.

Starting Spring 2022

These changes will be implemented this spring, the perfect season for anyone who wants to grow in their career or pick up a few skills that can help them make a change. Certification programs at Tombolo Institute are branded as “Faster, Better, Stronger” because they help students get where they want to be faster — without having to cut any corners.

  • These certificate programs can be completed within 6 months (previously 12 months). Compacted classes mean you save time and money.
  • Develop competences in your field through the help of carefully developed and sequenced classes.
  • Sign up for one program and take classes until completed (as opposed to signing up for each individual class).
  • Pass each course and earn a non-credit certificate of completion for the program.

Project Management

The Project Management certificate program prepares professionals to lead teams to meet project goals within schedule, scope, and budget. The six-month training program teaches you the competencies to help steer project-based businesses toward success.

Tombolo Institute PM courses teach you to plan projects in both predictive (Waterfall) and adaptive (Agile) approaches to meet your organization’s unique needs. You will learn to manage teams with effective team building, leadership, and communication skills. You will also practice techniques to enhance your effectiveness in leading a project team as well as explore tools to engage stakeholders and drive successful projects.

Human Resources Management

The Human Resources Management certificate program provides a comprehensive look at what to expect from a job in this field, taking students through ethics, employment law, diversity, and incentives. It also asks you to examine and apply principles for effective recruitment, selection, talent development, compensation, and metrics.

Workers today don’t always want or need the top salary in their profession. They may be more interested in a company that promotes fair hiring practices and prioritizes work-life balance. If you can pinpoint what they’re looking for, it can lead to less turnover and a more satisfied workforce.


New for this year, the Entrepreneurship certificate program teaches students about business foundations, marketing principles, and business planning. Made up of three courses, those who select this program will get an overview of how finance, operations, and marketing work for start-ups. It also goes through the principles of what it really means to create value for customers.

In a world that’s bombarded with competition, Tombolo Institute teaches entrepreneurs to remain focused and effectively harness their strengths to build a stronger customer base. Students can expect to engage in a number of experiential learning activities where they can apply the theory in practice. By the end of the course, everyone should feel comfortable creating a stellar business plan.

Operations & Supply Chain Management

The Operations and Supply Chain Management certificate program is a Superfast Supercourse composed of four courses covering Operations Strategy, Products/Capacity, Manufacturing/Service Processes, Supply Chain Processes, and Supply & Demand Planning/Control. There’s a lot to learn, but the intense regimen makes it possible for students to quickly grasp how the industry works and how different theories and skills can be applied to add significant value to how businesses run and manage the chain of supplies.

Problem-solving activities, applied-learning projects, and critical thinking exercises all play a major role in educating students to take on this fast-paced and exciting career. When every supply chain has its own challenges and benefits, applying the theories can take some practice.

What to Know About Certificate Programs at Tombolo Institute

Anchored by Bellevue College, Tombolo was created to serve the larger community. Whether it’s students or employers, the goal was to level the playing field and give people the means to get ahead if that was their goal.

  • Students interact with the same group for every course. This kind of communal learning experience gives everyone the chance to support and grow together.
  • To pass the program, all students must demonstrate competency in the topics covered. This is done through regular assignments and projects.
  • Students will receive a digital badge through Tombolo Institute to verify their certification.

How Certificates Can Help Build Careers

Certificate programs are an investment in yourself and your abilities. Even if you’re just getting one in order to start your own business, this is the chance to take on each new obstacle with gusto and confidence. Tombolo Institute has seen how students can transform over the course of just a few months, tackling and mastering new skills with the help of experienced teachers and supportive classmates. If you want to be in the driver’s seat of your future, signing up can be the best move you ever make.