Get ready for high-paying tech jobs in Seattle


The Greater Seattle area is a vibrant location with temperate weather and friendly Pacific Northwest charm. It is also home to numerous tech-powered household names, including Amazon, Boeing, Expedia, Microsoft, Nintendo, Nordstrom, Starbucks, and the list goes on.  

According to the US BLS, Computer and Mathematical occupation group for the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue area alone accounted for about 175,000 jobs, representing about 9% of overall employment in the region. As we zoom out to a larger view of the overall technology sector that includes software, IT services, and telecommunications, we find about 326,000 jobs exist in Seattle alone, to make up about 29% of the Emerald City’s economic output (CompTIA, 2021). The average tech salary reached $117,000 in 2021. This is 92% higher than the city’s median wage overall.  

  • Median IT salary: $117,000 
  • Percentage of local workforce in tech: 15.2% 
  • Percentage of women in local tech workforce: 23%

So, what types of IT jobs are in high demand in Seattle right now? Based on job openings in Linked currently (Feb 15, 2022), these are the top 5 open positions: 

  • Software engineer: 27,740  
  • Program manager: 10,992 
  • Project manager: 10, 781 
  • Product manager: 15,055
  • Data scientist: 14,151

The total from these open positions amounts to about 78,000 job positions. Now is the time to consider the transition into one of these open IT job opportunities. Tombolo Institute can help you get there. Look at all offerings in Software Programming & Testing or one of our certificate programs below: 

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